OpenCart SEO Book

 The complete optimization guide for OpenCart online stores. 

A practical guide to help you understand your OpenCart store from SEO point of view and find ways of improving and optimizing your online marketing strategy in the purpose of increasing traffic, conversions and sales.

SEO For Opencart

What You'll Learn

  No matter what your store niche is, if you are a pro or a complete newbie in using OpenCart, this eBook will guide you step by step through the entire SEO process of your OpenCart store. Effectively, quickly and risk free!

Keyword Research
Learn how to conduct a proper keyword research and find the most relevant keywords for your online store.
On-Page SEO
Learn how to optimize your product pages and categories in order to increase search engine rankings and visibility.
Off-Page SEO
Learn how to promote your online to the World Wide Web, using the right tools and SEO strategy.
Marketing Tools
How to properly make use of the online marketing tools available in OpenCart: affiliates, coupons, gift vouchers, product feeds and newsletter.
Increase Conversions
Learn how to optimize your conversions and acquire more customers.

Opencart SEO eBook Chapters

 There are a few eBooks and tutorials out there about OpenCart, but all of them are covering subjects related to installation, configuration and administration part. That’s quite easy! None of them is offering you a detailed view about how to optimize and promote your OpenCart store. It’s time to learn something new !

1. Short Introduction

A short eBook introduction, recommended software to install, vQmode installation and more…

2. General Settings

General store configuration settings related to URL rewrite function and .htaccess modifications.

3. Store Configuration

How to properly configure your online store from SEO point of view to increase rankings and CTR rate.

4. Products Configuration

Product page configuration and optimization settings to increase conversion and SEO page value.

5. Categories Configuration

Learn how to choose the right category names, meta tags, keywords and much more.

6. Product Images

Why and how to optimize (quality, resolution, size) images to increase product sales and loading time.

7. Opencart Marketing Tools

When and how to properly use those powerful online marketing tools included in OpenCart.

8. Newsletter

Learn how to use the newsletter tool, avoid spam complains, A/B split testing and increase CTR rate.

9. Keyword Research

Conduct a proper keywords research to find what are the most valuable keywords for your online store.

10. Off-Page SEO

Detailed methods about how to promote your OpenCart store to the World Wide Web.

11. Software & Online Tools

Software’s and online tools that can help you optimize, promote and track your store performance

12. Opencart Extensions

A collection of recommended OpenCart extensions to enhance your online store.

OpenCart SEO Book

Over 10 years professional experience in SEO and SEM and over 7 years’ experience working with OpenCart stores worldwide, accumulated in one single eBook.

Opencart SEO

Easy to Read, Understand and Apply.

Written in common English language, without complicated terms and definitions.


65 pages (font 10), including screenshots, data schematics and external resources.

Case Study

For a better understanding and usage, a demo store is included as an example guideline.


Proper format structure, including table of contents structured in chapter & sub-chapters.

Different Format

OpenCart SEO eBook is available in: PDF, EPUB and MOBI (for PDA and Smartphones).


Read the OpenCart SEO book, apply the necessary changes and wait 90 days. If you don’t notice any improvements, I will refund you the entire money back. No questions asked!

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Together with the OpenCart SEO Guide, the first 10 3 buyers, will also receive a full SEO Audit (min. 15 pages) for their online store. The audit report will analyze and identify any technical SEO issues that are preventing your online store to perform well in the organic search results.

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